dance flash @ the appeal: an interview with alonzo king

this week for the appeal, i interviewed alonzo king.

"I was wondering what kind of traits you look for when you hire dancers or look for dancers?

Well, I think that's really apt what you're saying because if you look at this physical universe, everything is based on the sphere, everything. Nucleus, radius, electrons, protons, the planets, the galaxies, they're all spherical, and so that same thing is inherent in the body, and you manipulate it by going from circle to straight line. And all those things you illustrated are part of developing movement structure.

In terms of looking for dancers, what I mentioned earlier is that the character is the bottom line because what you're looking at onstage is who people are. People dance their consciousness, and so who's brave, who's generous, who's loving, who's consciences, who's risk-taking. All the things we like in heroic people are the things I look for in a dancer because these are human beings, after all. So we're looking for the noblest kind of character.

You know it's inextricable that who people are is what you're watching move, and so if they're givers, if they're brilliant, it's going to be obvious. And the opposite as well. If they are selfish, if they're vain, if they're scared--all of that is apparent. I like people who are heroic, who have the ability to get lost in movement and not be self-conscious. Humility is a beautiful thing to see in dancing. Sincerity is something very rare to see, but beautiful when you see it in dancing. And we take it for granted that they've got a technique that is second nature. Yeah, so who people are."

you can find the entire interview here.

Photo by RJ Muna

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