what is he?

alphie does this odd singing/yelling thing where he, most times, sits on the table in the bay window and warbles. it's a mixture of a deep meow and a rooster squawk, and there's never just one. it's one after another after another, sort of like he's serenading all those down in the backyard (i'm now armed with my mp3 player/recorder at home, so hopefully i'll be able to record his next vocal session for anyone interested in listening to the next best thing in kitty pop). i hadn't realized how much his songs carried until last weekend, when i was down in the backyard and heard him four floors above me, crying out, "rewowowowow! mrrrrrrrroooooh!" over and over and over again. i couldn't decide whether to be embarrassed or proud, but so far, i'm thinking the latter.

with that, i tried googling any mixture of cat/or maine coon and howling, yelling, singing, serenading, etc., but came up with zilch. without much else, i went back to the breed drawing board.

: what if alphie isn't a maine coon?
todd: don't tell him. he loves the maine coon special kitty food.
me: haha.

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