harvest time

over the past few days, todd and i have been talking about one day buying a house. flat. condo. refrigerator box. whatever. now that we're married, it's probably the next, yet far-off, step to take. in the city, condo prices are decreasing, and today i spent a few minutes looking at the mls to see what's out there in the 'hoods that we prefer.

separately, many years ago, for some incredibly stupid reason, i told todd that cotton came from sheep. yes, i knew that cotton grew as fibrous clusters on cotton plants, but for some insane reason, my brain turned cotton into wool. blame it on me being thoroughly distracted by his disheveled curls and adorable grin.

but somehow these two things--living space and my owning up to my past stupidity--converged, when trying to figure out how to have enough of a down payment to have an affordable mortgage.

him: we could sell the dowry of sheep that I'm still waiting for.
me: the sheep coming from florida? man, they're going to arrive as a flat of american apparel t-shirts. there's no resale value in that, except to crappy haight street tourist shops.
him: 100% cotton, right?
me: yep. but don't expect organic. florida* don't roll that way.

*to be honest, i have no experience or knowledge regarding the state of florida's cotton industry, harvesters, or any growing regulations. my florida-related experience extends to my sand-filled childhood and family** who still live there.
**we're just beachy.

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Nate Wilson said...

Now wait a wool-pickin' minute. Cotton don't grow on sheep? It would've been nice to know that last week.

I sure hope the people at Ewes Guys, Inc. accept returns on slightly sheared merchandise.

Oh, and of course, best of luck on the search for a new flat house or condo. (Lean-tos are all the rage.)