my very legal baggie full of pot

since i live in the city and can't get packages reliably delivered at home (this includes pretty much anything larger than an envelope!), i have most things sent to me at work, including bras, cat food, and everything nintendo.

awhile back, the branding chicks down in LA sent me a cooking game for my dsi along with a really cool cuisinart cooking pot. i took the cooking assistant game home with me, as it was small and could fit in my purse, but i kept the stew pot at work for odd reasons that now don't make too much sense, like we were running out of room with the wedding gifts piling up, and i couldn't figure out how to get the pot home easily on the bus.

it's quite possibly been six months since receipt, but last friday, i decided to start this new year off right--getting back to blogging, straightening up my office were amongst my non-resolutiony goals. that evening, i carted my pot home in an old navy bag (which amazingly, never even got so much as a hole in it. how do old navy bags hold up better than their clothes?) via the bus. but how is it i didn't get one pot joke (besides from todd and me) the whole way home?

* as a nintendo wii and dsi brand ambassador through brand about town, i receive free games and other products, like a nintendo dsi and a dsi xl. the wii, though, was a wedding gift from a good friend. the opinions expressed in this blog are mine and the facts true.

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