you'd think she would have noticed the rings on my finger.

i jumped through all the hoops to change my last name at work: marriage license, social security card, new W-2 form, etc. with a new email address in hand, i sent a message to those i work closely with, but don't really know on a personal level--those who most likely didn't know that i had gotten married. one of the women emailed me to say that she'd let all of her colleagues know, so that i wouldn't need to send out any more emails to her staff. delegating tasks rocks.

last week, i traveled to one of our other local offices for a presentation, and during lunch, a colleague whom i'd never met before came up to me and said, "i don't know whether to congratulate or console you." to which i replied, "um... but why?" she said, "i received the email about your new last name and that it was because of a "life-altering event." you're so young! why did you get divorced?"

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