dress me

after the wedding (aka the big shindig back in october), i called the dress cleaner that amy kuschel (the company, not the woman herself, although i bet they're one and the same) recommended. a nice woman named lynette told me that my dress would take a few months to clean-no problem! a week later, todd and his mom graciously delivered my wedding dress to the special, frou frou dress cleaner, upon which lynette told them "four months." i called to confirm this, and she got somewhat snippy with me, insisting that she'd call me when it's ready to pick up in february.

with no call from lynette in sight, we're approaching the six month mark. the other day, i called the cleaners to check-in. lynette's reply: "larry's working on it. he should be done by the end of summer." hmm. april showers crept in to my dreams last night, and yet i'm no closer to having my dream gown back than i was in november.

now, let me be very clear. i understand that cleaning imported japanese mikado silk takes great care and skill, and it's going to cost me a pretty penny, too. but in the time it takes larry to clean my dress, i could have popped out twins. i'm just saying.

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