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i'd been one of those dedicated google reader users. for my mom and anyone else over the age of 45, google reader was a very cool rss service--this lets you import feeds from websites and such into one streamlined place.

i loved google reader, especially because of the unqiue share functionality. i shared news articles, videos, and blog posts with a select group of people. it was private and friendly without becoming all social media-in-yo'-facey. to put it into the most simplest of terms, it was heaven.

but this week, google revamped the service and in doing so, purposefully deleted the share/following/friend functions with the intent to drive all of us google reader folk to its highly successful (wink, wink) google+. i haven't yet heard of anyone who is happy with this "upgrade."

yesterday's google reader "tips and tricks" offered this little bevy of advice:

You can hit the space key to page down and/or move to the next item. This way you can move through your reading list by using only a single finger.
i think they mean the middle one.

and today, as eve and i chatted back and forth on facebook about this (facebook! not google+), check out the ad to the right of our convo.

thank you, giftly.com, for caring. at least someone does.

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