you are so out

every so often, when i need a little pick-me-up, i head over to bluefly. not to buy anything, mind you, but to realize that there are some crazy people out there. now say crazy with me, but in that molly shannon voice. you know, kah-raaaaaaaaa-zee.

michael kors
has apparently lost his mind. maybe it's because he's spending a couple hours a week listening to heidi klum's clipped and limited english. or perhaps it has something to do with him being more talk and less walk. he keeps yapping away about how he knows today's modern american woman and that she should never be wearing a fashion don't because yaddayaddayadda. anyway, kors doesn't seem to even listen to himself (and why would he? really, his jibber-jabber borders on the annoying as in i'd-almost-prefer-to-watch-PAX annoying). kors has created one hideous dress, and while it retails for $2,800, you can have it for a measly $1,680. what a steal. on his part. i bet he's cackling all the way to the bank. or at least back to parsons.

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