zap away that mud

"I stand by all the misstatements that I've made."
-- Dan Quayle, 1989

This weather's been horrendous. I normally like some rain, something to make everything a little greener and moist. Now that I walk to work, though, and through the panhandle, I have to slosh through mud or take a detour while holding up my pants and praying for the best. and i don't pray. ever. i finally broke down and joined the wellies club. other people at work were coming in in cute rubber boots with clean pants and not a speck of brown goo in sight. unless it was on their boots. and after having to explain to my dry cleaner several times that the mud kept attacking me, making me fight them to the death in a battle of becca v. mud man, and her giving me this look as if i'm some semi-homeless working professional, i gave in. so i'm now the proud owner of my first pair of rain boots (muchas gracias, zappos).

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