i got panned

i hopped in a cab the other day and the bellman who flagged the cab told the cabbie i was going to the panhandle. after i get all situated- yes, one must wear a seatbelt at all times unless on muni-, i gave the driver my cross-street, and all seemed well. until this (and yes, this is the acutal conversation. and i'm still very, very confused.):

cabbie (in a heavy accent): so what is the panhandle?
becca: you mean what is the area? or why is it called the panhandle?
cabbie: yes.
becca: um... so why it's called the panhandle?
cabbie: yes, what is it?
becca: it's the long strip of green that shoots out eastward from golden gate park. like the handle of a pan.
cabbie: no, what is it?
becca: the green part. it's grass. replanted by parks and rec. every so often. also a nice plushy home for bums and hobos and pit bulls.
cabbie: no, what is it?
becca: ah, the area around the panhandle? it's the neighborhood pretty much north of the haight, bordered by oak, stanyan, grove, and baker. it's sort of a netherworld, so it's been dubbed the panhandle. we're not the haight or the richmond or western addition. someone in the maps and planning dept forgot about us way back when.
cabbie (really frustrated. accent gets stronger. becca looks furiously at phone, just hoping it will ring, buzz, break, etc. perhaps door will accidentally fling open, and she'll be flown free of this experience.): no. what. is. it?
becca: a piece of long green park and also the neighborhood around it. like a saucepan. it's the saucepan's handle. therefore, we can happily deduce that it's the pan's handle, or more casually referred to as the panhandle. get it? huh?
cabbie: got it! thanks for being so patient with me. english isn't my first language (really?). why were you downtown?
becca: job interview.
cabbie: really? what do you want to be?
becca: dunno. i was thinking exotic dancer, but my knees just aren't up to snuff.
cabbie: i've been looking for a job. i want to be a paralegal, but for some reason, nobody will call me back. what do you think the problem is?
becca: umm. well, obviously it's not your inabilty to express youself through prose or words. how's your resume?
cabbie: my what? i don't have that yet. i'm still waiting to graduate. but i keep submitting my interview, and nobody has requested me.

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