48 hours

after being interrogated repeatedly by the california employment office (both in-person and on the phone), applying to a multitude of jobs, and selling my soul on craigslist, i got a job! i'll be working for an educational research and development company here in san francisco, and i start wednesday. this leaves me 2 days to finish up my slumming and bumming.

things to do with my last 48 hours of freedom:

: charge the mp3 player. now that i have a two-bus commute twice a day, i'll need my tunes more than ever. who knows who could sit next to me?
revised mission
: bring the music to all the people. purchase large boom box. practice carrying around on shoulder with nelly blasting loudly. or the dixie chicks. remember to safety pin slumping pants to underwear.

: camp out under the stars. although this would require a sleeping bag. and a camp. and some stars (thanks to our foggy june).
revised mission: remember that you've never been camping. check out stars at perezhilton.com instead.

mission: learn to ride a bike. any kind. even with training wheels.
revised mission: after recalling dreadful superman incident from 16 years ago, get self cape and tall red boots. go see superman instead. or watch justice league. then rethink bike school.

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James said...

I hope you like your new job. Blog about it or EMAIL me about asap!