so cheesey

have you exhausted your netflix queue (minus mullholland drive and cold mountain, which continuously remain at the bottom of the list)? Y/N

need something new, exciting, and educational to warm up your heart? Y/N

do you like fine cheeses made with the hand of god? Y/N

if you've answered yes to these three questions (or perhaps even two of them), then rent the cheese nun!

" Explore the world of artisanal cheese with Sister Noella Marcellino, a Benedictine nun who visits France to probe the mysteries that make every cheese unique. Marcellino ventures from farmstead to aging room to laboratory, reveling in the fungi and microorganisms that are as essential to cheese as terroir is to wine. This homage to fromage is an unabashed celebration of the science, craft and humanity of cheesemaking."

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James said...

That is so funny...we had Mullholland Drive on our Netflix queue forever...(We still have never seen it.) However, ANY movie with JUDE LAW is watched almost as soon as it comes out. He is such a cutie in my book!