deep thoughts

when dining in san francisco (or any hotbed of scrumptious, trendy restaurants), heed wisdom and plan. for if you do not, eating on the street will be you and your clan.

or in layman's terms: in the city, it's really, really, really important to have a reservation. especially for a group of 8. on a sunday. or a thursday. at 7PM. cuz there's nothing like walking into a restaurant (especially for the 2nd time that week) and being told that they can't accomodate you. so if you can't plan in advance or opentable your way in, take the road less traveled and become buddies with the host/bartender/owner. send them cocoa bella chocolates. or dress them in giant robot t-shirts. or reserve them a prime parking space. in short, do what you must, and you will be greatly rewarded.

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