powder fresh

when i was younger (much, much younger), my life consisted of dance. that's it. in high school, i would spend my lunch hours with the other dancers, rehearsing or sewing pointe shoes or choreographing or watching old performance videos. i even remember when, during the weeks leading up to the high school musical, my english teacher let me skip out of class to go practice my tapping. and back then, i was pretty graceful, yet still gawky and somewhat clumsy at times. really, why did my backpack have to weigh 40 lbs? and were platform shoes back in style for a reason or just to make my life a living hell?

apparently, now that i've taken summer ballet class number 4, i seem to think all that grace and elogance has returned. for example, sunday i made an effort to clean the bathroom. with grace. ta ta dah! soft scrub the tub! dum dee dum. mop the floor! rah rah eeeek! and as i'm scrubbing the toilet and flushing all the lovely blue liquid down the drain, in jumps my deoderant! all i did was flick my elbow a little too much to the right, and down went the dove original scent, making it's way like a goldfish to the great big unknown.

or did it? several hours later, in a state of fret, i wondered if the toilet would ever flush again. our piping in the building, well it's awful. and the landlord isn't one to mess with. so i take a leap of faith and flush. and what do you know, but i hear "clankety clankety clank." and the water drains but doesn't fill. so i take that next big leap of faith and plunge the daylights out of the toilet. and plunge some more. by the way, this plunging thing is a great sub-workout to the whole semi-return-to-ballet thing. really works those deltoid muscles. after working well into the night (or at least a good 20 minutes), what comes bobbing up for apples, but my anti-perspirant! yippee! hooray! righty ho! but i did the smart, graceful thing, dropping that deoderant into the garbage can, pirouetting with happiness, and then flying like a dove far far away as quickly as i could.

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