putty in my hands

at the new job, i'm in the middle of a giant room with 7 other cubes, and i face the copy room and the emergency exit. since i've pretty much settled in, i think it's time to jazz up the place. one of my cube neighbors put up an artsy mobile, and she also brought in a bean bag chair. i'm not thinking that extreme yet, but perhaps a plant and a few photos. and an ice cream maker. and a hot tub.

dear ms. stewart,

my office space is in utter need of your stellar help, wisdom, and guidance! as you may know, with a move or a trip to the big house or a new job comes a new workspace. my old one was dark greenish/grey, with a tackboard area for my oakland a's roster picture and momentos. i also had half a bay window, which allowed lots of natural light to shine down on me, and several cabinets and drawers for storage. but at this new company, some divine workspace designer somehow had this whacked-out idea that the color scheme "putty redux" would motivate me to produce faster and better, yet instead it encourages me to trank out and snore. and when i want to find a report or proposal, i go ahuntin', as most of my files are in cor-o-van boxes or shoved into two very tiny filing drawers. how can i spruce up my workspace without going over the edge?

your humble servant and wannabe organized worker bee,

ps. i really enjoyed the inspirational segment you did with matt lauer on packing lightly for a trip. somehow, though, it didn't quite compute, as my suitcase was still just as heavy as normal. i did, though, put my (10 pairs of) shoes on the bottom, just as you instructed!

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