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tvguide published this today:
Top Model Staffers Plan Catwalkout
A dozen staff writer-producers at UPN's CW's America's Next Top Model are threatening a Friday walkout if executive producer Ken Mok doesn’t agree to their demand for union representation. This protest exemplifies a major push by the WGA to have reality-show scribes be granted the same union privileges as their peers on scripted fare. In a statement issued Thursday, Mok called upon the National Labor Relations Board to ensure that a secret-ballot election is held on the matter.

now, what i want to know is, why does a reality show need a dozen writer-producers? it's supposed to be reality. real. not fake. not scripted. yet 12 people to write tyra's lines of "there are 10 models standing before me, but only 9 will continue on to becoming america's next top model." um... guys, those lines haven't changed for 5 seasons! and it's so convoluted. instead, how about "one of you is getting kicked off. most likely the one everyone at home likes and will one day be a huge sensation. now i put all your names in a hat, so let me pick a name. and the model going home today will be... announced after the break!"

photo from wireimage (c) Kevin Mazur

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