yo so hawt

this weekend was a scorcher, and so i've come to realize there a few things to be thankful for when living in the city by the bay on a 90+ degree weekend:

1. the n-judah: it's air conditioned. and with a bus pass, free.
2. friends with pools. sure, i don't swim, but when they conveniently throw an alumni event on a blistering hot weekend, my toes, ankles, and feet are very happy to take a dip.
3. the frozen food aisle at trader joe's. you can only stay so long, though, or you'll end up like all those chickens and cows and salmon.
4. dark window drapes. keep out the heat, keep off the clothes.
5. our lack of hot water. you'd never know it, but it's a blessing in disguise to be able to turn on a cold shower at full strength and cool off. thank you, ever-capable landlord.

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