2 for the price of 1

ok. not the price of 1. for many $1s.

ever wanted to make your legs resemble those of sheep? well, you're in luck! for $1,435 (or onsale at bluefly for $1,148), you too could be squawking baa-ram-ewe while clicking about in your newfound christian dior heels.

or perhaps you've always wanted to pull off that "my grandma's quilt attacked me" look. or maybe you're planning to dress as carrie bradshaw for the office halloween party. sport these manolos, and you can do both! for the wallet-weary, think of it this way: the $2,295 price tag magically gets reduced to $1,599 at bluefly. split that number in half (as they'll accompany 2 outfits) and the shoes really cost $799.50. a steal, i tell you, a steal.

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