rock of ages

it was announced today that pluto's been demoted to a dwarf planet. we now have 8 real planets, many psuedo-planets, and tons of space junk. poor pluto. most kids will now probably grow up to only know pluto as a dog and not the outer-lying circular rock i grew up referring to as the 9th planet. i also heard on npr that dark matter exists. you rock, invisible particles! just like pluto.

and on a related note, i got an email from an old school friend (not the "we're going streaking!" type of old school, more an old friend from school) recently, reminding me of a sleepover i had once in elementary school. at the school's fundraising auction, my parents "won" a sleepover in the school's library for their child and 20 friends with the lower school head. looking back on it, i'm shocked that i thought it was cool, but at the time, it was. we had pizza and roller skated through the open-air halls (with the principal, no less) and watched movies. but not just any movies. i had picked spaceballs, which was and still is one of my favorite films of all time. mel brooks is a genius, and quite possibly outdid himself, especially since spaceballs' lacks the sappiness of the princess bride. so here's a little clip from the greatest movie ever to honor mr. brooks' existence and pluto's dwarfism.

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