nothing screams tacky quite like...

ever wanted to wipe your sandy (or perhaps colorinated) yet damp self with a wad of cash, but worried that might ruin the cash? or perhaps look a little silly?

instead, why not roll yourself in a $450 retail value plush terrycloth flamingo towel, brought to you by the good people at hermes via bluefly (where the towel's a steal at a discounted $360)!

bluefly says "There's no better way to soak up the sun than on an Hermes beach towel." but i say that you'd be crazy to buy this towel. crazy mentally and crazy financially. but what do i know? i'm only a wee commoner with 3 for $20 towels from Amazon.com. if i had flamingo towels, i'm sure i'd be much better off.


Mom said...

would you be "colorinated" or "chlorinated"?

Becca said...

chlorinated. haha. the spell check didn't even pick it up!