clap your hands say yeah may sound like a cheer i yelled in high school while i waved my arms and performed stag leaps while puberty-stricken boys ran back and forth outside in the sweltering florida heat in plushy pads and helmets, but it's also a name of a band! and not just any band, but 5 rockin' camels (one hump, not two) sort of like myself (but i sway and bop more than rock). cyhsy have had a whirlwind of a year, and last year, we were lucky (thanks, robbie!) to get tix to their concert in soma via the band's guest list. this year, we're not only seeing them at the warfield, but also two days later in hollywood. it just so happens that todd wants to visit his family the same weekend cyhsy will be in LA- what a coinkydink, huh? my loyalty and devotion is tried and true, though.. 2 concerts in 4 days? i wouldn't even do this for britney spears.

Photo by Derrick Santini, Rolling Stone

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