the past few days, i've been mentally counting down the minutes until our vacation. originally, when we started semi-planning back in february or so, we were going to hit germany, amsterdam, and prague in the summer. then it got pushed to september, but airfares hadn't come down, so it turned into an october trip to hawaii. sure, it's not quite national lampoon's european vacation, but it only takes 5 hours to get there, there's no real language barrier, we'll drive on the right side of the road, and it'll be heaven. at least, if i believed in heaven because i'm sure it would include listening to the ocean as i fell asleep, clear bluish green water in front of our lanai, lots of waterfalls and dolphins, and fruity flavored drinks adorned with tiny paper umbrellas. but with only a week to finish planning, i've got to get cracking! remaining preparations and tasks include:
  • create "maui in 7 days" waterproof binder, complete with fold-out play-doh molded topography maps and 3-D glasses.
  • determine best concierge/guide on the island. prepare concierge-napping plan. pack duct tape.
  • research which fish/sea creatures will harm/sting/burn/bite/chew/eat me. tattoo their pictures up and down my arms. but if i run out of room, i'm screwed.
  • purchase coconuts and fashion homemade coconut bathing suit. collect neighbors' greenery for accompanying grass skirt.
  • prepare volcano emergency kit, including lava hazard protection suit, N-95 respirators, goggles, and amazon.com's 800-number.
  • learn hawaiian. hopefully it's not as hard as canadian.


Tree said...

Don't forget to eat lots of Spam!

Becca said...

um... spam's not vegetarian. but if i find a veggie one, then we'll eat it.

Tree said...

ha! I'm vegetarian too so maybe I shouldn't have made that comment! I've heard Spam is a favorite in Hawaii. Tofu Spam? Just a thought ;-)

James said...

I wish you and Todd were coming to Amsterdam....I understand: Amsterdam or Hawaii....For vacation time I would choose Hawaii, too, but you two BETTER come visit. Maybe in May when the tulips fields are in full bloom. Have fun in Hawaii. Take LOTS of pics! I want to see them all.

Brooke said...

Sorry to hear you won't be making it over to Prague, but have a great vacation in Hawaii! Getting a tan and indulging in frosty beverages seems far more vacation-y than donning a sweater and swilling cheap beer anyway.