david dorfman dance @ybca, 9/23/2006

Politically Charged underground Plants Roots
David Dorfman Dance's underground
Presented by Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
September 23, 2006

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts kicked off its new Worlds Apart series with the Bay Area premiere of David Dorfman Dance’s underground. Using the 1960s Chicago activists the Weathermen as an impetus, underground, at a tight 50-minutes, provides an introspective look at the fine line between protest and terrorism, the feeling of apathy, and how each of us makes a difference today and in the future.

While Dorfman is a master of dance, he’s also a leader of incorporating movement and ideas into complex performance works, and underground is no different. Combining dance, song, text, and video documentary, Dorfman has created a thought-provoking work. His use of organizing bodies on stage may seem chaotic, but purposeful as well...

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Photo by Gary Noel
Dancer: Joseph Poulson

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