plane jane

we just got back from a quick weekend in and around la (from newport beach all the way to oxnard), and i have one note for frontier: when welcoming us onto the plane with grizwald, the big grizzly bear, on the tail, don't refer to the plane as "historic." why not put fear into our hearts some other way, like showing one of these movies or tv shows (on your fabulous yet abc-omitting direct tv) that should never, ever be shown on a plane?

1. snakes on a plane. duh.
2. airplane!
3. airforce one
4. repeats of lost
5. red eye
6. flightplan
7. donnie darko
8. any of the 9/11 movies
9. the opening of superman returns
10. final destination

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Brooke said...

What was that awful movie with Ben Affleck and Gwenyth Paltrow, where he's an alcoholic who falls for the widow of a guy he gave his plane ticket to (and then of course that plane bites it)?
Don't show that one either... Not just on a flight, but ever.