sustainable conservation

working from home has allowed me a little worktime liberty. for example, i can make a real lunch whenever i want. and roll out of bed at 8:15am to be at work by half past. no pets at work? not here! alphie's my personal shedder assistant, howling instructions as i try to multi-task and keeping my toes warm when the temperature tuns south.

one thing i really miss is the interaction with my coworkers on a daily and hourly basis. being home, i don't get to participate in all the fun-loving workplace banter. on the flipside, though, this means i've "conserved" 41 minutes of my day. but what do i do with those minutes? as they're rarely put towards anything useful, must i allocate them towards additional lit review research or report proofing? or can i established 41 minutes of my day towards creating my own home office banter (with alphie, rosie o'donnell, and general hospital) in an effort to feel more included in the workplace? i have a funny feeling this is a question i should never ever pose to human resources.

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