we don't have an attic, either.

last night we received a frantic call from our landlord, asking us not to use the toilet or shower until further notice due to some "sewage" issue. we went about our evening business, with only a momentary lapse (mine), which caused me to tape the toilet nob and pray for no further instances (really, flushing just comes naturally!). doing dishes two hours later, we get another call from psycho landlord, this time saying to not use anything that produces water (from a pipe- our brita was safe!). so we waited. and waited. and waited. by the time we went to sleep, no call. same thing in the morning. and with no authorization to take a bubble bath or flush the loo, we sparingly brushed our teeth, washed our faces, and spritzed our hair with water before going to work smelling not so refreshingly clean. at 10:53AM, we got a voicemail saying the issue has now been resolved and we're free to use the toilet and our cellar. yippee for the toilet! but what is a cellar?

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James said...

That landlord sucks. Your building has had too many issues. It's a nice apartment and VERY large for San Francisco....but it seems to have issues.