medal ceremony

the bullpen baker's end-of-season awards are posted!

ah, baseball season is over, but before you go and cry about it, let's celebrate with the first annual (can they be annual if they're the first?) bullpen baker awards!

best sportage of high socks
1st place: mark ellis
runner-up: danny haren on rootbeer float day (what a tease!)

best rootbeer float creation
1st place: the a's wives, girlfriends, and requisite blondes
runner-up: nick swisher

best bench warmer
1st place: bobby crosby
runner-up: jeremy brown AND antonio perez
2nd runner-up: adam melhuse

best attempt to be on the 25-man roster come April 2007
1st place: marco scutaro and chad gaudin

worst attempt to be on ANY 25-man roster come April 2007

1st place: d'angelo jimenez

for more, go here.

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