november rain

growing up in south florida, it was too hot and humid for raincoats (shorts all year-round!), so we used umbrellas. or just ran from home to car to einstein's bagels to car to smoothie king to car to home. or better yet, used the drive-thru (thank goodness for krispy kreme!). in college, rain normally symbolized cold, brrrrr-inducing weather or during the end of november through march, snow, which necessitated a heavy rain/snow/keep-me-warm-at-all-costs l.l. bean type body armor. since moving to san francisco, i've used a combination of the two with the addition of the wool beanie- it keeps my head dry in those warmer situations, which makes it a good combination with the umbrella. and in the windy downpours, it acts as a good back-up to the parka hood. i also added the snazzy rain boots for the rare yet pants-ruining muddy days (sans knee brace and crutch, of course). but now, after lots of hemming and hawing, i think it's time to graduate from the rain parka to a more adult, city-friendly raincoat. and while for years, i've been looking for the perfect raincoat, it's time to buckle down and commit. that's right, i need to face the music (ideally with lyrics by justin timberlake). my requirements are few, though:

1. a dark color, such as black, navy, or brown.
2. must have a working, full head-covering hood which actually provides protection from the elements. no flimsy fashion hoods for me.
3. must come at least to the knee- i hate walking around with wet pants (especially jeans), all day long.
4. cannot have elasticized wrists- ick.
5. will not make me look like my grandmother.

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