last night, we headed to shangri-la for a buddhist/non-xmas/feeling sick dinner. after downing some yummy spinach and tofu soup and veggie "spareribs," we got our fortunes. todd's was all uplifting. "You have an active mind and a keen imagination. apply your ideas." Mine, however, not so much. "Your lucky number for this week is the number three." Gee. thanks, Buddha. or Confucius. or the fortune cookie factory. you sure know how to make a girl feel special.

things that come in threes
1. three meals in a day
2. three pomegranates for $1 (at the farmer's market)
3. three days before friday
4. triplets
5. the movie three kings
6. a tricycle has three tires...
7. lithium (3 is its atomic number)
8. shift + 3= # (I can play lots of tic tac toe)
9. small forwards
10. trilogies (or in star wars' case, 2 trilogies)

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