she's a tree... house.

todd's mom has been living in the caribbean for awhile now, and she's decided to start a business. or two. or three. so todd's helping out and somehow i got coerced begged bribed roped into joining the family biz. the first business is a bakery, starting off with breads and expanding from there. as my skills are pretty limited (however, i love bread. especially with lavender salt a little stonehouse olive oil), todd put me in charge of public relations. i thought, "ok. i've done this before. i can do press releases, contact travel media, smile, etc." but no. PR in its infantile stage means.... internet presence and website design and management. only problem is that i have very basic html skills and no real software (other than adobe photoshop elements, which many times goes on the fritz if i'm working with large images).

with no professional training or development opportunities to increase (or simply give me) my mad skillz, i cheated. that's right. cheated. and i never cheat. as my mom will attest, i don't park in "no parking" zones or make a right turn on red unless the DPT has bestowed their highest approval on me. and today, when the cashier didn't charge me for a $4 loaf of bread and i pointed it out to her, she just looked at me like i was crazy. "but then i'd have to ring you up again. just take the bread." um... free 9-grain sourdough? ok.

so, about this website. when i went to register with godaddy.com, i bought the web publishing ability, and what a deal. email, hosting, domain for $1.99, and the publishing software with templates? bonus. so now i have a "draft" version of the treehouse bakery up. next project? airbrushing by dona.

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