eat well

after tasting eatwell farms' lavender salt for the past few years, i gave in and finally bought ourselves a jar. i thought i'd use it sparingly, perhaps to add a little hint of flavor now and then to bland leftovers and such. but i was wrong. it goes well with everything. buttered sourdough toast when you're sick? check. atop green bean and shitake mushroom risotto? check check. homemade dried fruit and nut mix? make that triple check. breakfast potatoes tossed with cumin and parmesan? check again. the farm guy even said one woman he knows sprinkles it on her oatmeal (which may be going a little too far for me). if you can't get to the sf ferry building to get some of your own, martha stewart suggests a "homemade" recipe. although i doubt it's as good as the bay area original.


James said...

Sounds good. I wish I could get some. Maybe you can mail me a small quantity in a little box and I can reimburse you?

Becca said...

of course! just let me know how many you'd like (they also have rosemary salt).