i've got a secret

at victoria's secret's webpage:

Unfortunately, due to certain trademark, labeling, product content and embargo restrictions, we currently do not ship all products to all countries. If you have a restricted item in your bag you will receive a message during checkout that lists the restricted item along with specific instructions to remove the item from your shopping bag or change the shipping method or address if applicable. The following list outlines those restrictions:

All Victoria's Secret Brand, Beauty and Fragrance Products:

Second Skin Satin®:
Australia, Italy, New Zealand, Vietnam



Countries That Have Multiple Product Category Restrictions:

Countries That Are Restricted From All Shipments:
Mexico, Burma, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Myanmar, North Korea, Sudan, Syria

1. burma and myanmar are basically the same country/statehood/territory. the name only changes based on who you ask. here in the us, we recognize it as burma.
2. poor fidel won't be getting his ipex demi cup or angels lace thong anytime soon.
3. argentina must be the best smelling country ever.
4. que pasa con mexico? guess VS doesn't like puppies south of the border.
5. thank goodness someone's banning speedos.
6. sadly, in most of the world taiwan is not a fully recognized country. but i'm glad that vs is taking a stand (even if they don't know it).

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