the last time we flew, this happened:

we sat in our tiny leg-roomless seats (which my torn meniscus/bone-bruised knee didn't care for) at o'hare for extra hours just to get de-iced, re-iced, and de-iced again. with no leg room and drool still caked near my lower lip, i silently vowed to never fly again (except to get home). but thankfully that was an empty threat that never made it above a whisper, as todd and i just booked our trip to europe. we're hitting up prague and amsterdam, business-class style (thank you, united visa!). we'll get to stretch our legs, drink wine prior to take-off, and ideally, not wake up to a dead body next to us. maybe we'll even get some lufthansa booties. oh, the life!

on a side note, if you're going to travel in style via 4 wheels and bench-style seating, why not do it with fruit?

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Brooke said...

hooray! We'll be ready and waiting to show you guys Prague's finest food, sights, beer, whatever!