this is the true story, of seven strangers, picked to live in a house...

recently, all the city's buses that are attached to electric cables have been made accessible via the online nextbus service. this is a huge plus: i can check on my phone to see which bus line to take, how late my morning commute will actually be, and if i have time to stop by the mailbox/puppy tied to the newsstand/dry cleaner/neighborhood rave on my way to my stop.

there are a few snags, though. last night, i was waiting downtown for a bus, and the service told me the next sweet ride was coming in 28 minutes. what?!?! how long? i tried to flag a yellow/luxor/checker/big dog/city/national/any cab to no avail, yet low and behold, 5 minutes later, my bus shows up. hmmm. this morning, the 8:15am bus was late, so i looked it up. next bus in 22 minutes. um. no. i called muni (it's on speed dial, mind you), which is now transferred to our "new and improved" city-wide 311 service, yet i received poor and worsened assistance. ah, my tax dollars at work. "the next bus will arrive in 15 minutes, ma'am." i responded, telling her that nextbus said 22 minutes and that this line is supposed to run every 8 minutes during the morning commute. "oh. well. i don't have current bus information, but i am told that no buses are missing from the line." now, the old muni customer service line used to give you up-to-date bus info, and if they didn't have it, they'd practically flag down the bus for you (via radio, no flags included) and find out or use their esp to dig the info out of the bus driver's brain as he's parked his partially full bus outside of el taqueria to run in for some chips, salsa, burrito grande with all the fixins', and chicas, but not anymore. funny enough. 3 minutes later, my bus arrived. so what's the moral of today's lesson? i'm still unsure, but i'm pretty sure it has something to do with going with the flow, everyone's different, you just need to deal with whatever's thrown at you, and what do you expect for $45/month.

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