two things two-go

there are few things i truly detest in life. two of them, though, are bus cheaters and sucky root beer.

1. (this comment is totally un-pc, but i'm going to say it anyway.) i notice the bus cheating often. you know, those people who want to evade the driver and not pay, or those who want to sneak on and get the last seat before those who got on the legal and fair way can. i especially notice this when the bus stops at market on its way up kearny and towards chinatown. often, if i'm leaving work/the gym after 6:30pm, i hop on a 9x/30/45 so that i make my connection. otherwise, i'm stuck waiting for a 21 along market, which at this time runs every 20-30 minutes depending on if the driver showed up that day. and when i get to market, everyone outside at the stop crowds around the door at the back of the bus and then tries to get on while we're getting off. families, singles, elderly, children, two-headed. the sad thing is, they're all asian, (i've never seen so many white people do this, so maybe it's a cultural thing?) and they never flash their transfer/fast passed to at least make it seem like they paid. they just press up against the door and mill on en-masse.

the other evening, as i was trying to get off the bus, but couldn't, i said, "if you all actually moved out of the way and got on the front, those of us who needed to get off the bus could!" and you know what this little old woman did? she jabbed her cane into my foot as it was on the bottom step and then proceeded to walk up the steps pushing me back onto the bus. um. no. i want to get off the bus. and while i had the huge urge to slap her silly, that would be even more un-pc of me. so i stepped on her. (just kidding!)

2. two-go replaced my lunch's sprecher rootbeer with smuckers. guys, it's not the same! sucky natural root beer makes my 1:30pm conference call even suckier. gah.

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