just say nay.

recently, i've had a string of bad experiences that have left my dining/movie going/car rental outings a little sour. now, in the past, i might have huffed and puffed and blown my head off, but lately, i've taken quite a strong liking to the quill and parchment method of years gone by. or in today's bustling word, microsoft word.

bad lunch experience at two-go? the general manager offers a solution: he hand delivers lunch to me (and several coworkers), totally making up for the sketch root beer and off-tasting salads. and did i mention he included extra desserts? mmm... speaking of dessert, no dessert and drinks at a table at magnolia? the owner (dave) sends a very nice, multi-paragraph email back. he cares, he really does, and he felt really badly about the staff turning us away for em's birthday pot de creme and homemade beer. hybrid not quite hybriding from fox rent-a-car? they repay us the difference in gas (ok, what more could you expect from a rental car company?) and credit our mastercard. yes, we're still waiting to hear from the amc 14 van ness re: pickpocketers, indifferent (and non-existent) security staff, and con artist parking attendants, but 3 out of 4 is a pretty good track record for 2 weeks and being busy as a bee (especially with the lack of bees lately).

now if only our landlord was as respondent to our letters recounting freezing nights, blueish feet, and excel spreadsheets detailing our apartment's dipping temperature. perhaps it'd be more effective if i turned the sheet into a color-coded chart... buzzz.

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