b's knees

men are great. really. especially todd. but what's up with guys sitting in their seats on the bus, yet splaying their legs out to the sides? is there a reason why they need more leg room? maybe because something naturally pushes their legs into a frog position? 'cuz i get on the bus, show my fastpass, sit in a seat (if i'm lucky), and then the guy next to me always flops his legs out as if my space is his space. in my head, i say, "buddy. my fastpass covered me for this seat. me. not me and your knobby knees. or me, your knees, and your two books on how to approach women without drooling all over your argyle pullover. oh look! half of your left shoulder is in my space, too! no wonder my arm is halfway out the window. so move it, mister." but i don't. yet i'm sick of losing my space; you know, that small yet important patch of air in front of and within the confines of my seat. having to put my legs out straight in front of me or crushed into the side of the bus because some dude thinks it's ok to let his knees conveniently drop to the sides while he reads his paper, listens to his ipod, and/or clammers away on his iphone-you-don't-phone-phone is so not ok. maybe i should start carrying a taser... buzzzzzzzzz.

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