using your noodle

random gmail user: hi
me: who is this?
random gmail user: Hi i am vinne
me: and do i know you?
random gmail user: Nope. I was just searching for some stuff on google and ur page came up. I read it and liked the way you have expressed yourself. So added you to see if you are online.
me: my page? what page?
random gmail user: vlogger
I apologize for the typing mistake.
me: i didn't even realize that my email info was up there.
random gmail user: I apologize if you didn't like me adding you.
You have the google talk ID there.
If you wish, i can delete / block you rightaway.
(giant pause) i liked your profile so added you to see if you are online and we can talk
me: gee, that's nice... but an email might have been a better "first hello."
random gmail user: Okay. I am sorry for not using brains ... ha ha
me: um. yeah. brains are meant to be used.
random gmail user: Thanks. so ... what's up?


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