fanny may i

yes, i'm cross-posting. i admit it; i'm lazy.

tomorrow morning i'm waking up at the crack of dawn (or somewhere close to it) to volunteer at fanfest. i get in free, get to wear a yellow polo with non-jean bottoms, and perhaps i'll be able to sniff cal ripken, jr. and determine what shampoo he uses before they cart me away to the loony bin.

at volunteer orientation yesterday, we got our assignments (mine and the girl's in front of me got "lost"-- apparently, the new software they used wasn't able to print out a report of those who didn't get placed into volunteer slots, and so they had no record of me or the girl, even though we both had very nice emails welcoming us to the fanfest family. honestly, you'd think they have something against 5'5" women with last names beginning with "h". or using technology that works. hello! we're in the bay area, not jersey!).

then, once in the orientation, we cheered "dhl", "all-star", and "fanfest" according to which group of seats we were in (but no wave. go figure. guess it's more a staple in oakland?). in addition, we got the first piece of our volunteer attire. no, not our canary-colored polos. or our brick red caps. but our fanny packs! yessiree, mlb has assured me that these things are coming back in style, like, tomorrow! that's right, the fanfest volunteers will be strutting their fanny pack selves all over san francisco (or at least SOMA), shaking their fannies like they're packed to the max. no way! yes way! whoo-hoo! and i get to wear one? all weekend long? promise? can i wear it to work, too? at least i'll be prepped for our trip to prague. i'm sure the pickpockets there won't assume i'm an american tourist; instead, my white socks and sneakers should be the dead giveaway.

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Brooke Edge said...

awesome! with that MLB fanny pack you'll rival dustin's parents' matching red parkas for the "best tourist outfit" award, handed out annually to our most impressive visitors!