just to balance things out (sorta but not really)

dear mom,

last night around 8:05pm, i stared at my phone. why? because whenever a teeny tiny earth shift happens (2.0+ or the governor sneezing) anywhere remotely near the west coast, you always call to make sure i'm ok. and i like that. even approaching the big 28, i know that my mom is always looking out for me. until a BIG one (5.6) rocks us while we're watching the golden state warriors get clobbered (after an amazing lil' pyrotechnics show) by the utah jazz at the oracle, and you don't call. no. what, you think being on the east coast, in florida, with a 3-hour time difference, hurricanes, imported sand, and low sales tax means you can snooze on the job? wait, you were actually sleeping? it was 11 o'clock? at night? oh. oops. um.... sorry. my mistake!


ps- and kudos to the oracle for totally ignoring the quake and the camera guys' platforms that kept swinging back and forth, to and fro. we had to get the details of the quake from our internet-capable phones (thanks, verizon!).

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