queen of hearts

do you know what today is? yes? good for you! it's my grandma's birthday! happy birthday, nana!

oh. you meant valentine's day, huh? yep, it's that day, too. todd and i don't do much for v-day. we're both on the same page, thinking we shouldn't just express our love (and sometime's utter disgust for how one of us--me-- has lost the basic aptitude for multiplying simple fractions on a tuesday night) on one single day. plus, who wants to pay $100/person to have a sub-par meal and feel compelled to throw in an extra $16.99 for flimsy rose petals and two candlesticks for fear of not seeming "in love enough"? right.

in honor of v-day, i searched high and low for the perfect heart-shaped cookie cutters. williams-sonoma, sur la table, macy's, mervyn's, you name it. but the best ones i found ( 1) b/c of the color and 2) b/c the folded metal piece was on the outside of the cutter) were at crate and barrel. and at $5.95 for a set of 3, they were a steal! go get a set. now.

i used these to make hazelnut cookies (which i think i underfilled with scharffen berger hazelnut ganache; they'd be just as great with raspberry jam, too!) and easy breezy beautify fake fudge (which tastes more like chocolaty marshmallow than fudge, but my pregnant coworker doesn't really seem to care... and i think that's a compliment...). the cookies were ok, but they seemed a little dry. perhaps a little bit more butter... and tons more ganache.

mark morford has a great list up of the worst v-day gifts ever. i'm not quite sure what a "fistful of penguin" is, but the rest of it is pretty insightful.

in other valentine's day news, my 21-hayes bus was surprisingly empty this morning, probably due to some post-coital procrastinating and pancaking... which means i didn't get hit in the head with backpacks or have to hold on for dear life! maybe there are some pluses to v-day, afterall:)

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