today, friday, is brought to you by the letter "f"

last night i made a stop by the pillow fight on my way home (which turned into it's own 74 minute ordeal). walking down to the embarcadero, i saw people carrying pillows new, old, large, and small. some people had written names on their pillowcases (those of jaded exes, perhaps?), and the throngs of pillows and people soon took ahold of justin herman plaza. sans pillow (i felt bad a) whacking someone i didn't know with a feathery yet plushy object and b) destroying a pillow "just because." it's got feelings, too, you know.), i survived for about 5 minutes before walking back down market, engulfed in feathers and fuzz. my walk, though, seemed semi-futile. i ferociously trudged to civic center without seeing either a 5 or 21 bus. and when i finally got a 21 around 6:55pm, it was full of... a feathery frenzy!

hyatt graciously donated their stairs for the event's spectators.

like this woman, people came prepared with multiple pillows in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

this guy brought his a-game and seemed ready to have a throw down with hello kitty. poor kitty...

on valentine's day, why not hug a tree?

let the festivities begin!

this is my cue to swallow a bunch of feathers and then exit, stage left.

lastly, if you ever need the largest v-day balloon bouquet known to man, you can get them at civic center bart. just note they won't fit on bart or muni, or in your car, but if you buy enough you can get home mary poppins-style.

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