my underpants swear today's monday. or at least body by victoria.

with the ohio trip not too far away, i have things to plan like:
  1. what clothing to pack. pleather, spikey heels, and spandex are a general no, all of which i don't own anyway.

  2. general topics of conversation that won't cause faces to flush or anyone to run out of the room crying buckets. examples of approved topics include the weather, sports, my poor driving skillz, orion's belt (not re: men in black, and only allowed at night; it's the only constellation that i can ever find), and kittens vs. bunny wabbits.

  3. buying a kim kardashian butt pad to protect the toukas from my grandmother's hourly butt taps.

  4. creating my "guide to midwestern vegetarian myths." no, just because you baked the salmon next to the potatoes and asparagus doesn't mean that deceased fish is now vegetarian. no veg via diffusion.

  5. topics that didn't fit into #2 that would be perfect to share with tim, em's manfriend. like when she would (and probably still does) burp the alphabet song in the car, mall, movie theater, or doctor's office after downing a dr. pepper. or let me put manic panic stripes into her hair with a toothbrush. or wear her day-of-the-week underwear on different days on purpose, mostly likely with the intent to confuse me (and how i knew this, i'll never tell...)!

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Brooke Edge said...

just finished my own family trip to visit the grandparents in Tampa - evidently I didn't prepare well enough because I ran out of appropriate topics by the end of our first cocktail hour.