knees in need

after 2 months of grueling PT at active care (an amazing physical therapy joint out on geary-- i rehabbed alongside professional dancers and critical mass cyclists), my orthopod has scheduled me for another knee surgery. yes, there are downsides like another rehab, crutches (luckily i only donated 2 pairs and kept the third in our spring cleaning), and three days of eating whole wheat toast with yogurt butter and lavender salt... but i'm thinking about the positives. the most positive positive? a sexier, less puffy knee. what makes for a sexy knee? how about walking in heels without collapsing three blocks in. or wearing a skirt to work without feeling the need to cover my left leg with a bag of ice and a tri-colored legwarmer. or doing three sets of squats in motion without needing to "shake it out" every few reps. and maybe by august, i'll be able to go out to the street corner (or maybe a few corners down), do a pirouette, lift up my pants leg, and kick my leg high into the air, hailing a cab without frantically waving my arms and breaking a sweat. if that's not sexy, then at least it'd be cool. and i'm cool with 'dat.

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