real gaming for real girls

a little while back, i got a huge surprise in my inbox. brand about town had stumbled upon my blogs and wondered if i might consider being a brand enthusiast for a girl-oriented campaign centering around the nintendo ds lite. my obligations would be minimal: i'd receive some nintendo products over the next year, and i'd also host a "girls' guide to gaming" party for me and 30 or so bay area women. the marketing company would coordinate the event and pay for all the party's expenses, and my responsibility would be the guest list.

i read through the email, did some google searching, and thought back to my nintendo-playing days as a child. we had the original nes, and after school, my mom, sister, and i would play super mario (1, 2, and 3) and the legend of zelda. after about 48 hours of buddhist-like contemplation, i responded and said, "i'm in!" (only in longer, more structured paragraph form).

fast-forward to this past friday: i was organizing everything to work from home for the next week (knee surgery, legal drugs, and buttered toast, oh my!) when the receptionist informed me i had a package. lo and behold, i opened this white box to find a cute onyx-colored nintendo ds lite with pink rhinestones in a chic pink case! colleagues came by and salivated, and one even borrowed it later in the day and played brain age 2 (i think she simply wanted to make sure it was safe for me to play... thanks, l.!). todd has also borrowed it once or twice over the weekend, but i think the pink heart will safely deter him from slipping it in his pocket on the way out the door. phew. thank goodness for sparkles.

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Brooke Edge said...

as a kid without a nintendo at home, I'm pretty sure I was a terrible friend to have over... your video games absolutely fascinated me!