if i freed it, would it be tree-son?

knee recovery is going well. today i left the house without a crutch (yesterday i mainly used it as a defense mechanism on MUNI anyway. take that, old man with three canes and a fake leg!), although i wore bermudas today (hello, heat wave!!!), which reveals about 1/2 of my lovely leg wrap to the world.

i've been able to lightly shower, and the main benefits are smelling less like crutches and this purple marker slowly rinsing away. nail polish remover got about half of it removed; i now just have a purple initial tattoo of my surgeon's second-in-command on my upper left thigh. sexy.

last friday was my first day out of the house, and to celebrate, todd and i walked over to one of my favorite sandwich (don't call 'em sammies) shops, jay's cheesesteak. it's no laspadas (they don't offer many veggie options... but they're absolutely AWESOME with a capital a), but jay's has killer seitan cheesesteaks (in addition to meat ones). as i was hobbling along grove, we came across this poor incarcerated tree. i'm not sure which one of us had it worse. me: stuck in an apartment with a bum knee, but with ample shade, food, cat, and nintendo. tree: lots of sun and fresh air, active composting, but with no means of escape. i think i'll give this one to the tree.


Brooke Edge said...

so glad you're feeling better! wish I could've shipped you some laspada's from home while I was there!

todd said...

No, but if you charred it, it would be arson.