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5 things to do when you belong to the same gym as your coworkers

1. dress to impress: wear a thong under your sportswear. panty lines at work are a no-no, so the same goes when you're lowering into warrior I next to your cube mate. and better yet, try that new water bra for a natural yet perky downward facing dog.

2. always outdo that tanorexic guy from the 4th floor. show 'em you'll never, ever quit.

3. invite your team to 6AM group spinning. the one with the least sweat at the 30-minute mark buys the first round of vitamin water.

4. get stretched by a trainer smack dab in the middle of the free weight area. if wearing shorts, please exchange thong (see above) for boyshorts, granny panties, or a full-coverage banana hammock.

5. run around the locker room naked. and better yet, show your dedication to your job by talking to your project manager while in adjacent shower stalls. but whatever you do, don't share the suds.

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