list this

my mom and kev-friend are in the city for a month, and ever since their first few visits, i’ve been keeping a mental list of things they might like to do, places they may want to visit, etc. a few years back, i started with this list. since then, they’ve become semi-regular sf visitors, so the usual golden gate bridge and coit tower tour are sort of been-there, done-that. we also only hit four places on the entire list, so i know it's more of a wish list than anything else.

semi-off-topic: i don't know where i get my list craziness from, but no one else in my family seems to keep lists. or plan more than a week or so in advance. i think it's a regressive trait like blue eyes and blond hair or webbed toes. funny enough, i'm a list-maker and a procrastinator; just because i make lists doesn't mean i follow through on them in a timely manner!

but just like slim shady, mommy's back. back again. i’ve revamped the list, tailoring it towards things i’d like to show her and kevin. my outlook is rosy; if i knock two off of my to-do's, i'll be very, very impressed. plus, todd's mom is visiting sometime in september, so perhaps my list can do double-duty.

  • the pirate store aka 826 valencia. because everyone loves pirates, trap doors, and laaaard. aaaargh, matey.
  • tartine bakery
  • opera in the park is coming up! i’ve never been to an opera, but there’s a right time for everything, right?
  • the annual chocolate festival, featuring… pizza.
  • tidepooling in pescadero or half moon bay. i think they’ve been, but i don’t care. let’s pet some sea anemones and stroke a starfish.
  • buying tons of mochi at benkyodo and sharing each piece four ways.
  • tracking down the wild parrots of telegraph hill. squawk.
  • hot cookie, making a repeat performance from the original list. no one else makes macaroon boob cookies quite like hot cookie. plus, you can tell everyone you nibbled your boob today. very, very san francisco. and if anyone cares, em split a butch bar with todd last year.
  • the cal academy of sciences reopens at the end of next month. family outing!
  • the best place to get vegan moon cakes and a perplexed look of confusion- the autumn moon festival!


Brooke Edge said...

does the mini-opera sessions that came to do assemblies at PC count as being at an opera? did anyone pay attention?

Mom said...

We're up for the challenge!

Becca said...

i think i slept through those mini-opera assemblies... that or i've erased them from my memories. or maybe i'm in denial.

Emily said...

mmmmm penis and boobs...sounds yummy... cookies that is of course!! I am up for knocking a few things off your list next time I come if they don't!