where there's a willie, there's no way

this morning, i got up dark and early for an mri for my knee. todd graciously dropped me off at ucsf, and i walked in semi-sleepy to an empty radiology department. fast forward five minutes to check-in, where the man behind me sounds familiar. i sat down on the neighboring sofa, looked up, and there's willie brown, also checking in for his 7am appt. he looked quite dapper in a dark suit and his willie brim, and inside my fuzzy brain, i was thinking, "whoa, dude! willie and i can be mri buddies! we can go bzzt-bzzt-bzzt together. wonder if he'll sign my earplugs..." but this partnership wasn't meant to be. willie's personal assistant must be on vacay because his appointment is tomorrow, not today, and the department couldn't fit him in. but what a fun celebrity sighting! and no, i'm not voluntarily waking up this early again for awhile. even if it means seeing gavin newsom prepping for a brow wax.

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