boo to you, too

halloween is right around the corner. well, if the corner equals 24 days. maybe this is a long and winding corner... my neighborhood's younger family quotient keeps shooting skywards, and we've even gained a bouncing baby boy right across our hall. here in the semi-big city by the bay, halloween's a sight on the bus, what with people dressing up in crazy costumes at 7am and trying to balance their pointy hats, capes, newspapers, blackberries, and pumpkin spice chai all in one hand while we lurch up alamo square. but in reality, at least my reality, halloween's sole purpose is to jumpstart pumpkin pie testing. and tasting. and then some more testing.

my costume skillz back in high school tended to lean towards the robe and slippers. what am i, people would ask. i'm at home! haha! harhar! oogabooga! yeah. not funny. i think the best time to dress up was when i was a toddler. there wasn't much judging who had the best/coolest/hairraisingest costume (although i remember finally giving in to a hideous neon green barmaid costume for my 12th birthdy party... but that was a birthday, not halloween, so it doesn't count!!!); instead, back in the day, all hallows eve focused on using your imagination and celebrating the naive idea that everyone had an inner cauldron-stirring witch who wore a tiara.

today if i were a tiny tot, knew how to use the internet, and was left to my own devices to trick-or-treat sans stroller, i'd be all set to hit the town el cheapo style, thanks to drugstore.com's plethora of buyseasons' hokey costumes. and as a side note, mom: thank you thank you thank you for handmaking the strawberry and cat costumes. and for not sewing together a whoopie cushion one. or any costume featuring fake muscles or boobs or alluding to a stinky smell.

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Mom said...

While reading this post I was getting ready to send you a picture of you in the strawberry and cat costumes but whoop, there it was, your memory of both. You were and are a cutie